Everglades Sportswear Fishing Shirts

YOUTH Everglades Sportswear Agriculture Fishing Shirt


(Because kids like to eat too!!)

Design is on the front of the shirt

This is for those who want to represent Florida for more than just the place that the mouse lives and the beaches on the coast.

Did you know...

  • Florida is #1 in the U.S. Production of over 8 major U.S. crops?

  • Florida agriculture is responsible for about 14% (2.2 million) jobs and contributes around $148.5 billion to our economy every year?

  • Florida is also home to 9 of the top 25 beef cattle producers for the United States.

If you can't tell, we LOVE Florida Agriculture and the people that work in this great industry that help put food on the table EVERYDAY!! 

This fishing shirt is long sleeve, silver in color and has that nice silky feel to it! 

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