Everglades Memorial Day Pack

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Everglades Memorial Day Pack includes:

1-12 oz Everglades Rub Seasoning Shaker
(A true southern sweet and spicy blend of spices developed to apply liberally on pork, beef, poultry and wild game as a dry marinade prior to smoking, slow cooking or in-direct grilling).
1-8 oz Everglades All Purpose Seasoning Shaker
(A unique blend of imported herbs and spices that add flavor to that down-home southern flavor to all your favorite foods).


1-6 oz Everglades Cactus Dust Seasoning Shaker

(Adds that just off the grill Mesquite flavor to ribs, steaks, hamburgers, pork chops, BBQ chicken and even shrimp! Rub liberally on a brisket or Boston butt and smoke for hours-letting the sugar and other secret ingredients caramelize.


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